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Vintage Mirror Decor Piece

Vintage Mirror Decor Piece

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Reflect good vibes up your home with a touch of mirror elegance! Aidea Homes introduces a captivating collection of vintage mirror décor pieces. Our vintage mirror provides the décor with stunning accents. The borders are made of high-quality metal  with gold accents complimented with a steady base. The mirror is enclosed within a royal shaped décor to give it a more sophisticated look. Our vintage mirror décor pieces are the real conversation starters and has the design elements that can elevate any room. Our vintage mirrors boast aesthetics, that have a metal frame with a touch of weathered charm. Placing this in the room can boast the character to your space, with a reflection of  modern, chic, and even elegant design styles. Mirrors naturally reflect light, making its placement in a room to light up. The unique design of a vintage mirror can draw the eye and become a captivating center piece in your living room, dining room or bedroom. The vintage aesthetic of the mirror frame will complement your existing décor, adding a touch of sophistication and personality.

Dimensions: 22 x 2.5 x41 cm

Colour: Black and gold

Material: Mirror and Iron

Items Include: 1 decor piece

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