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Roses and Lilies Bunch

Roses and Lilies Bunch

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Welcome to Aidea Homes, your one stop for premium décor options. We are pleased to present our dazzling Roses and Lilies flower Bunch, a captivating mix of nature's most beautiful flowers combined in such a way that they give an upgrade to any space of peace, beauty and charm with its simple existence only. Our Roses and Lilies Flower Bunch is a unique proposition of the ageless magnificence of the flower rose and the peaceful existence of flower lilies. Each flower is crafted in such a way that we are able to represent the freshness and energy of a real flower, by giving you a representation of nature's finest in a way of art. The combination of these two classic flowers enables you to make a choice of bouquet that ensures a touch of extravagance and excellence to your house room or office space. No matter what the occasion calls for, this bunch of Roses and Lilies Flower are enough to brighten up your space, the Roses and Lilies flower Bunch is the best possible choice for birthdays, commemorations, weddings, or as a blessing for the ones you adore. This combination offer a superb makeover to your ordinary decor, with a dazzling sprinkle of colour and tastefulness to any room you place it in. At Aidea Homes, we take pride within the quality and craftsmanship of our items. Our Roses and Lilies flowers Bunch is handcrafted by experts who carefully replicate each flower to form a real look and feel without the hassle of maintenance of real flowers. The flowers are designed in such a way that they maximize look and feel, which closely replicate the  elements of real roses and smooth lilies. Include our Roses and Lilies Flower Bunch to your domestic decor to make a warm and welcoming environment. The Roses and Lilies Flower Bunch brings the essence of nature inside, giving a new and positive central point for your house room, or office space. At Aidea Homes, we replicate the real flow of flowers as close as we can to offer you the best course of action at any space. Our Roses and Lilies Flower Bunch is a confirmation to our commitment to quality and craftmanship. Order today from our website and enjoy a distinction in your home décor with us, where each detail matters to us to  improve your living space.

Aidea for you: Include our Roses and Lilies Flower Bunch to your domestic decor to make a warm and welcoming environment.

Dimensions: Length- 56 cm

Colour: White and green

Material: Plastic

Items Include: 1 Bunch

Why choose Aidea Homes to Buy Flowers and greens– 

•    A huge collection in several different colours, shapes, and prints.
•    Affordable prices. 
•    Several easy modes for making payments for placing orders. 
•    Safe and timely delivery. 
•    Faith in long-lasting customer relationships.
•    Excellent customer support services. 
•    Secure transaction

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