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Rose Bunch

Rose Bunch

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Aidea Homes, where we try to recreate a space of nature with a hint of elegance and with this we are excited to unveil you our beautiful Yellow and Pink Rose Bunches. A wonderful addition to our collection of flowers and plants. This beautiful arrangement comes in two bright colours yellow and pink and is made to replicate the beauty of fresh flowers into your home. Our bunch of yellow and pink roses looks just like real flowers and shows their delicate beauty. The yellow roses are bright and make people feel warm and happy creating a cheerful and a sunny feeling. On the other hand the light pink roses bring a romantic and an elegant feeling for making a calm and welcoming atmosphere. These bunches of roses can  make any room look colourful and happy, whether you put them together or separately. Bunch of Roses from Aidea homes are made in such a way that we try to mimic the real look and feel for the plants and greens we provide to our clients making them a perfect decorative item at  your home. Placing them in a vase on your bedside table or any table around to make your space look better instantly. The Yellow and Pink Rose Bunches can be  used on all occasions, like decoration or special events like weddings, anniversaries, and parties. The best part is to enjoy their realistic look maintenance free. A décor product that can keep looking beautiful and colourful without needing any change or gardening needs. At Aidea Homes, we promise to make products that are really good and steady that last a long time with a maintenance free experience. The Yellow and Pink Rose Bunches are made from materials that last a long time. We have tried to keep the petals and leaves to look real. They are beautiful and a long-lasting option instead of using real flowers to have a hassle free experience. We put together each bunch very carefully to make it look full and lush. At Aidea home we believe in a meaningful and long-lasting present that would help your loved ones increase the rich feel of décor at their places and the Yellow and Pink Rose Bunches are a great option for the same being it any special event. Their beautiful and colourful appearance makes them a special gift that will be loved for a long time. Our bunches of yellow and pink roses show that we care about making things that are really vibrant and  beautiful. Visit our website and grab one for you or your loved ones. Aidea Homes helps you make your home a house with vibrancy of colours, feels of cosiness, and happiness.

Dimensions:  Length- 50 cm

Colour: Pink and Yellow

Material: Plastic

Items Include: 1 Bunch of Roses

Why choose Aidea Homes to Buy Flowers and greens– 

•    A huge collection in several different colours, shapes, and prints.
•    Affordable prices. 
•    Several easy modes for making payments for placing orders. 
•    Safe and timely delivery. 
•    Faith in long-lasting customer relationships.
•    Excellent customer support services. 
•    Secure transaction. 

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