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Lily Bunch

Lily Bunch

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Welcome to Aidea Homes, we inspire to bring you as close as we can to nature-with our ageless craftsmanship. We are pleased to present our dazzling Lily Bunch, an ideal expansion to our Flowers and Greens collection. We would love you to bring this excellent choice of decor to your domestic space, as visitors would captures the elegance and charm of genuine look alike lilies. Our Lily Bunch is created  in such a way that helps you duplicate the sensitive excellence of new lilies. Each petal and leaf is carefully designed to feel and replicate the genuine thing, including similar surfaces and subtle colours. The lily bunch are complemented by rich green clears out, making a common and modern combination of colours that upgrades any space. The immortal excellence of  the lily bunch makes them a flexible choice of décor for any room in your home. Whether you use them in the living, drawing, dining room or office, the Lily Bunch includes a touch of tastefulness and freshness. You can place it on your coffee table, or on a bookshelf or any shelf to give an aesthetic feel to your space. Unlike genuine flowers, our Lily Bunch requires no watering or any gardening care for its upkeep. You are welcome to appreciate the excellence of new flowers like feeling all  year-round without any hassle of maintenance.  It’s more like a place it and forget it kind of a product that would last many years to come as the solid materials guarantee that your lilies stay dynamically subtle and maintenance free, making them a cost-effective and long-lasting choice of décor. The Lily Bunch is a perfect choice for gifting your loved ones at events such as weddings, housewarming parties etc. Its ageless excellence and affordable price makes it a perfect choice for gifting it to your loved ones, and helping them , enhance their house with Aidea Homes. Our lily bunch could be the best choice for you. At Aidea Homes, we believe that beautiful decor can change any space into a warm and welcoming environment. Our Lily Bunch may be a confirmation to our commitment to quality and elegance. Bring the elegance and charm of lilies into your domestic space without the upkeep. Enjoy the eternal magnificence with Aidea Homes.

Dimensions: Length: 55 cm 

Colour: White and green, Pink and green

Material: Plastic

Items Include: 1 bunch of lilies

Why choose Aidea Homes to Buy Flowers and greens– 

•    A huge collection in several different colours, shapes, and prints.
•    Affordable prices. 
•    Several easy modes for making payments for placing orders. 
•    Safe and timely delivery. 
•    Faith in long-lasting customer relationships.
•    Excellent customer support services. 
•    Secure transaction. 

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