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Crystal Glass vase/ Candle Holder

Crystal Glass vase/ Candle Holder

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Welcome to Aidea Homes, your one stop spot for stylish and flexible domestic décor. We proudly present our ultra-modern masterpiece - the Crystal Glass Vase/Candle Holder. This beautiful piece seamlessly blends capability with state-of-the-art layout, making it a must have addition to any place we at. Our Crystal Glass Vase/Candle Holder is meticulously made from remarkable glass and steel, embodying undying beauty and present day sophistication. The crystal-clean glass gives a pristine view, permitting the splendour of your flower arrangements or the mild glow of candles to polish through. The glossy steel accents at the base and the edges upload a hint of luxury, growing a super stability among simplicity and opulence. This terrific piece is designed with versatility in mind. As a vase, it's far ideal for showcasing your favourite flowers. Alternatively, use it as a candle holder to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in any room. The reflective glass amplifies the flickering candlelight, including a romantic and relaxed ecosystem on your residing area. The Crystal Glass Vase/Candle Holder has a robust glass that is immune to scratches and clouding, making sure that it stays a beautiful centrepiece for years to come. The steel accents are crafted with precision, supplying a solid base and a hint of modern-day flair.
At Aidea Homes, we consider that the proper ornamental accents can rework any area right into a haven of splendour and comfort. Whether used as a vase or a candle holder, this piece provides a hint of beauty and attraction to your property. Order yours today and enjoy the suitable combination of favour and flexibility with Aidea Homes. Let your property shine with the brilliance of our Crystal Glass Vase/Candle Holder.

Dimensions: Diameter- 12 cm, Height- 28 cm

Colour: Blue and Gold

Material: Glass and Metal

Items Include: 1 vase/ candle holder

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